One of the things that happens in book publishing is that errors occur and mistakes sneak past the dozens of people looking closely for them.  Sometimes it is a case of too many cooks in the kitchen and sometimes it is just computer glitches and human error that goes unnoticed. 

My book was not an exception to this.  So I've started a errata sheet here to let everyone know what to watch out for.  I hope you will forgive these mistakes and will still find the Crafted Appliqué technique very useful and the projects inspiring! 


Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities

Page 34 - The Walking Tree - This page should include this helpful tip:
  • For the leaf patterns, it helps a lot later if you write the number of each leaf alongside it before you cut it out. 

Page 40 - Cecropia Utopia - the list/chart of Oakshott fabrics is incorrect.  Please click the link to view and open the actual list. 

Page 85 - Cecropia Utopia - a pattern piece and directions were accidentally removed from the pattern page: 
  • The page should include the directions: "Print one page as shown and another in mirror image."  
  • Pattern piece #24 is missing.  You can see it in the Diagram of Assembled Lower Wing as a wing stripe and can substitute that as the pattern.
  • In the Diagram of Assembled Upper Wing, it looks like there are two #14 pattern pieces, which might cause confusion.  I've asked my editor to add the information that piece #14 lies underneath pieces 15 and 16.  

Thank you for your understanding!  

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  1. I'm not sure where to ask this question, so here's where I'm putting it. In your book you mention using a powdered tempera paint for back coating. I'm having difficulty finding it locally except in very large quantities. As I don't do much applique at this time would it possible to use the liquid form of the paint?