Sunday, January 11

Miniature Delectable Mountains Border - Almost finished!

Just have to hand sew the binding to the back and it's done!
Gee, do you think I've used enough Wonder Clips?  ;)  I'm waiting for a time when Jim and Sam are sitting together and then I will sit with them and sew. Sam is only going to be with us for a few more days before he moves to New Hampshire... eight hours away.  (sniffle, sniffle)  He finished college early and is starting his first professional job next week.

After France's wonderful comment, where I learned that this is called an abecedary,  I realized that I forgot to say right away that I am not the maker of the cross stitched centerpiece.  It is a very beautifully done piece and Oh! how I wish i did remember who made it.  I have a vague recollection that I purchased it on eBay from a husband and wife cross stitching team.  If any of you know of a such a couple, please let me know.  I would like to contact them and give them credit where it is due.  

In  the meantime, I've been working on the tutorial and paper piecing patterns for making miniature Delectable Mountains quilt blocks.  It is going very well, except that I've hit a snag with how best to present the patterns here on BuzzinBumble.  Do any of you have favorite ways you do this on your websites?

Here are two possibilities:

1.  Upload an image of each pattern and put it directly in the post. Then people can click to enlarge, right click and "save as" and later print it out.  It would need a specific page setup to print true to size.  I can do this easily with the Paint program on my computer.  
     Would this work for everyone?  How do you generally save the image when you find a free pattern?

2.  Convert the files to PDF format, making it easy for people to download and save the tutorial and /or the patterns.  It took awhile, but I figured out how to set all that up.  
     My trouble starts then though.  When you open a PDF file and print it, there does not seem to be a way to custom set the margins, etc.  With a PDF file, it would be ideal if people could just print it out at "actual size".  The problem is when I do that, the patterns are no longer true to size.  (ie: the quilt block will not finish at the correct size.)  Argh!  It's going to take some experimenting to get this right.  

So if you notice a delay with this tutorial getting posted, it's because I m trying to figure all this out.  

I hope you all have a happy and creative week ahead of you! 
Thanks for visiting!


  1. This looks great! You do such nice work Lara. I wish I could help you out with the pattern stuff but I'm technically challenged :)

  2. Your little quilt is beautiful! I love your border. I, too, am technically challenged, but I do like being able to print something in the actual size needed. Good luck! :)

  3. Oh, that empty nest! It is a tough thing to go through. But it is always fun and interesting to see where life takes your kiddos. I always enjoy going to visit them and getting a little view into their lives. Love how your border turned out!

  4. Wow - that turned out so great, with the borders. I love the way the corners are done!!! The PDF technique seems like the way to go, once you have it worked out. We will wait patiently... Best of luck to your son in his new job and the move. New Hampshire would be a nice place to visit!

  5. I have no idea how to do any of that, but I love your wallhanging, it turned out great!

  6. Yep! That's a lot of clips indeed ... When I sew the binding by hand, I use only one clip to hold the binding in place. Then I move the clip as I go. I am always interested to see how people works.
    I used to bookmark but now I'm saving pattern and tutorial on Pinterest.
    The border looks great and works well with your cross stitch, it's a great combination!
    New Hampshire is a beautiful state, beautiful rivers and mountains and oh! moose...:-)

  7. I love abecedaries and yours, Lara, is gorgeous! It makes me think of an English cottage. And as your abecedary is surrounded by delectable mountains, there are hills near the cottage. I'm sure the birdhouse pole is near the front gate, welcoming the visitors. And bushes of red roses too. That's a precious piece of work!

    For my part, I make my patterns with the software Pages (Apple) and once I have it in the right size (actual size) I export the file into a pdf file. My drawings keep their size during the export. But I have never done it with a drawing that exceed the margins. I don't know if that helps...

  8. It's stunning! I , also, love how you made the corners continue flawlessly! This is such a neat way to frame a special piece of embroidery... The Mini Delectable Mountains is an elegant frame!
    I seem to like files to download from a pdf file to save. (I try not to get addicted to PinIt! lol )
    This is simply beautiful!!

  9. You done a great job with that tiny border! Geez, what a patience you must have! :)

  10. After your initial problems this has turned out beautifully! What a lovely way to frame something special. It all looks so neat and precise too, I am in awe, especially given how small it is.

  11. The mountain border is stunning! I love me some wonder clips. They are so perfect to use on binding!

  12. I love your little quilt! An abecedary, eh? That's my new word learned for today.

    You can print PDFs at actual size. In the PDF program you use to open it up, there is a print option to do that in the print window that opens before you click "okay" to send it to the printer. Usually it's a box to check or uncheck, etc. As long as it's the right size when you create the PDF, it should be printable at the correct size. I'd be happy to test it out for you, if you want to try it.

  13. Hey, that turned out really nice! Love the mini delectable mountains in there, and I like your treatment at the corners. And this reminds me - - - I've got an unframed cross stitch I purchased from somebody that's begging for quilt work to turn it into a wall hanging. . .

  14. It looks great. The border really makes the cross stitch pop. You did an amazing job Lara.
    Those wonder clips are the best I use them a lot too.

  15. Lara, oh my gosh, this is just darling! Those borders were definitely worth the trouble!! And don't you just love wonder clips?? Too many?!? Can there be such a thing as too many wonder clips?!?!? Haha!! :)

  16. That's a great way to finish that piece!

    The cross stitch looks like a Prairie Schooler chart to me, but I can't tell you who stitched it! There used to be an active cross stitch board at 123stitch.com Someone there may be able to help if you want to find out who the stitcher is.

  17. Beautiful work Lara! I usually like to make PDF files. That makes it easy for people to save and print.

  18. This border sets off the stitching perfectly, Lara! And now I see that it has a like a positive/negative effect to it, which is called a tessellation (the design interlocks): are the mountains the ivory fabrics? or the coloured fabrics? I love it when patterns make your eyes zoom around and/or take second and third looks. You did such a good job on matching angles. As for pattern format, I love PDF files. Joanne's Snowalong patterns were that format and sized perfectly. As for how to do it, I'm stumped, but I will be coming to you for advice WHEN I need it for printing/distributing my pattern.

  19. Though I don't cross stitch....I DO have one that I made when I was a young mom on best rest during my eitgth month of pregnacy. You've inpsired me to perhaps frame it as a quilt!! LOVE THIS IDEAS!! And printing.....??????I have no idea. You are way ahead of me one this one. SMILES!