Sunday, April 5

Halfway to Serenity Now!

I hope that you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter!  We had a great one because our son Sam came home for the weekend.  He liked his quilt so far too.

It is past time that I posted an update on that...

Half of Sam's Modern Quilt top is pieced.  It will be 60" x 80" when done.

The color is off in that photo.  Hopefully, by the time the quilt is finished, we will have beautiful weather and I can photograph it in natural light.   I had to change my original plan because one of the blue shot cottons was a tad too purpley so the quilt will have a slightly different color layout than in the EQ7 mockup.

I decided to name Sam's Modern Quilt "Serenity Now!" All of you "Seinfeld" fans will recognize that reference.  It's going to be a serene quilt to look at, but it has not been so peaceful for me to put it together, LOL... so I am wishing for Serenity Now! as I sew. 

These last couple of weeks, I haven't gotten to sew, or blog, or visit with everyone as much as I would like to.  It isn't because this pattern is difficult or time consuming; far from it.  I just haven't been feeling so great lately.  I've had Meniere's Disease for at least 25 years and lately I'm seem to be having one of the bad cycles where I cannot sew or be on the computer very long without getting dizzy and sick.  So I just do what I can, little by little.  But, "This too shall pass."  I much prefer to focus on upbeat things, so I have some fun stuff to share. 

My family put on a High Tea for me for my birthday!  It was soooo nice!  Jim (my hubby) went and picked it up from The White Linen Tea House.  We usually like to go there once each year and then explore the antique filled barn afterwards.  But, since I could not go this year - they brought it to me.   
Here is our Sam - he's teasing Kaitie by sampling the goods beforehand, while she tries to take a photo.  He is such a brat.

This one will appeal to all of you who love to use your vintage sewing machines:
A couple of weeks ago I visited Sharon's blog at Five Shadows, where she talked about The Featherweight Club and a nifty LED replacement light bulb that she bought for her Featherweight.  I was interested because my daughter Kaitie told me she had burned her arm on the lightbulb on her Featherweight.  So that led me to Christine's blog at Stitch All Things and to where her hubby Brad sells the LED light bulbs at a much more reasonable price than I've ever seen before.  The light bulbs work great for Featherweights and they fit my Singer 301 and Singer 15-91 perfectly too.  
(Edit, just in case you don't read Brad's comment below, but he has EIGHT different kinds of LED bulbs for vintage sewing machines!  Sew Cool... literally!)   

"Rose" with her new LED light bulb installed. A brighter, whiter light, with no "Ouch"!  

I have one more thing I just have to share.  Kaitie's great friends adopted a bulldog, who they named Bugs.  Congratulations to Sammy & Steve!  

"Bugs" in his new home

He is so darn cute.  He was quite tuckered out with the excitement of his first day in his new life.  Sammy said I could post this video on my blog - it totally cracked us up.  Thank goodness he wasn't creating the other sound effect that Bulldogs are known for, LOL.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for spreading the word on my LED bulbs, Lara!!! There are actually 8 different kinds that I have available for many machines (including 220 volt versions of some). Just a fun little hobby for me, so I try to keep the price as low as possible. Glad you liked the bulb...and especially that you liked it enough to share!

  2. I see Brad stopped by already... LOL!

    Your Serenity Now! quilt is looking fantastic! I actually thought it was the EQ7 image, it's so perfect! Such great work, and if your son changes his mind I'll give you my address.... hahaha!

    I'm sorry you've not been feeling so great as of late. I hope you'll end up on the better side of that soon!

    Happy belated birthday as well! What a wonderful gift for them to bring the High Tea to you. It looks absolutely delicious. What a fun family!

    Congratulations to Bugs' new family! He is so sweet looking. It's always so great to hear when a furever home is found! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes to you from me too! I hope you get back on your feet soon and feel better. The quilt is beautiful-thanks for sharing its progress.

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you start to feel better soon. Your sons quilt is looking great and glad he likes it so far.

  5. I hope you had a happy birthday and are feeling much better now. Thanks for the tip about the LED lights. I need one for my featherweight.
    Like Christine, I thought your quilt was the EQ7 mockup. Wow, it's good. Can't wait to see more.

  6. Happy belated birthday Lara!
    How kind to bring the Hight Tea to you, it looks fabulous and yummy! The table looks fantastic!

    May you feel your usual self again in no time !!
    During this downtime, we hope that your recovery is rest and relaxation. All the best and hope you get to feel better soon !!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Lara!! How fabulous to have High Tea brought to you! Sam :)

    Serenity Now is looking fabulous!! It may have caused some angst but what it is totally worth it!! It's going to be an awesome quilt!

    Hope you feel better soon! Dealing with a long term chronic illness can be so daunting. Sounds like you are keeping your spirits high and soldiering through! Sending hugs and healing vibes your way :)

  8. I hope you are feeling better very soon!!! The high tea looks so fantastic - I'm enjoying it virtually, in my imagination. Such a sweet idea, and I wish you a belated happy birthday. Sam must be thrilled at the quilt progress. Honestly I love it even more in the actual colors, although the mockup is also brilliant. Take care, and have better week ahead!

  9. Prayers headed your way for healing and feeling great! I love high tea and your birthday tea looks wonderful. What a great idea!! Sam's quilt is coming along nicely. The design and colors you are using are so striking. Great for a "Man" quilt! Happy Easter, Lara!

  10. First of all, Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry to hear you've been not feeling well, it sounds like you have a good support group surrounding you, High Tea delivered indeed!
    That quilt is amazing, I fell in love when you first showed us and it just keeps getting better.
    That video has me laughing, but then I feel sorry for poor Bugs who will never be allowed to sleep in the bedroom, LOL. I need to tell my Brady Bug that he has a fellow Bug out there in the world.

  11. Oh my GOD, Bugs sound just like Rocco and Naala, but especially Rocco! And yep, both of ours make smelly noises from the other end as well...just sayin'...but I will put up with those smells no problem as the joy and love they also exude (lol) is worth every assault on my olfactory sense!
    And oh my GOD I love Sam's quilt!!!! LOVE!!! You are SO LUCKY to have such a thoughtful family to bring tea to you! What a wonderful setting you have in your home and what a spread!!! My mouth is watering just looking at it. As for the lightbulbs for the Featherweight I am going to mark this post (I found out I can save posts on bloglovin' who knew) as this summer I have to get mine up and running and I need all the light and less of the owies opportunities I can get! So much good stuff in this post Lara. :-) Hope this bout of illness will fly on out with the last of the winter.

  12. It looks like your family gave you a wonderful birthday party! It looks delicious!

  13. It looks like you have a lovely birthday. How thoughtful of your family to bring High Tea to you when you couldn't go. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, and hope this cycle passes quickly. Sam's quilt looks fantastic!

  14. There is a lot of goodness in this post, Lara. First, though, I hope your Meniere's settles down soon and you feel better. That is just no fun and I'm sorry you're going through that.

    What a lovely birthday tea your hubby organized! Very happy belated birthday wishes to you! Sam's quilt is looking nothing short of fantastic! Good to know about the LED bulbs too. I have a vintage Singer I wonder if they'd work for so will check it out.

  15. Serenity Now is fab! You interpreted the artwork perfectly. Your son is very lucky. I hope you are feeling better soon. This kind of illness must be very frustrating. I've never heard a bulldog snore before. Maybe there is one hiding under my bed. My husband swears he doesn't snore.

  16. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous birthday present a High Tea, very nice thought from your husband! It's great that your son came and liked his quilt! Have a beautiful week!

  17. Hey Happy Birthday! Aww.... how sweet of them to bring the High Tea to you!! That is awesome, and I am jealous!
    I love your dining room, by the way, with the windows, red checked curtains, and your beautiful chairs!!
    Good to see Sam's quilt progress. It's going to be awesome!!

  18. Happy belated birthday! Your son's quilt is looking fabulous. Take care!

  19. I also suffer from ringing in my ears and wanted to mention Lipo-Flavonoid. My ENT recommended it to me and it really works for me. Not sure where you live, but Rite Aid has buy one get one free this week on them (regular $30/box). Worth a try if you haven't tried before! Enjoy your blog! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Hi lvkwilt - thank you for your kind advice. I'm glad to hear that the Lipo-Flavonoid helped your tinnitus!
      Did you know that you are a no-reply commenter? That is why I answered here - hope you check back.

  20. Happy birthday. Your high tea looks amazing. As does your sons quilt! Feel better soon.

  21. High Tea! Fabulous quilt! Pretty Featherweight! I'm glad the LED bulbs worked out for you. Happy Birthday, and hope you are feeling better soon.

  22. I'd like to echo everything Judy (Quilt Paradigm) said - happy belated birthday, lovely quilt (I often demand "serenity now!" That Seinfeld episode was so funny and memorable because it's so true!!!), and I'm glad you are focused on the good things in your life, even through difficult times. Just want you to know I'm cheering you on, too!

  23. I'm sorry you are not feeling great, Lara, and hope things start to improve soon. At least your thoughtful family made sure you had a lovely birthday, even if you couldn't go out. Serenity Now! is such a fantastic name for a quilt (I wish I had thought of it) and is one of those phrases that I often think of and that always makes me grin. The quilt itself is looking gorgeous.

  24. Happy belated birthday! Bugs is adorable and I love your name for the quilt. I struggle with naming my quilts and this seems to fit so well! When my back went on me my doctor told it will come right and your positive thinking this will pass is spot on - those few words made me feel tons better and I think of them often.

  25. Well, that just stinks. But, I'm so glad your family is so very thoughtful...and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The quilt is looking lovely and thanks for the tip on the lightbulbs. I should get one for my 301.

  26. Your son's quilt is coming along beautifully. It is going to be a masterpiece. The colors are and the pattern are absolutely gorgeous. I love the name you gavie it, too.
    Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs!.

  27. Slow and steady wins the race and your progress is looking very lovely. Such fine points! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Easter with your family. And that you soon are feeling much better!

  28. Colors aside (though I like the mix I see on my screen), I really like your top. The tips... wow! Perfect! I think that I will call you The Queen of Paper Piecing from now on. You have a problem with some alignment? Well, call Lara and she will fix your problem in no time with a paper piecing pattern! lol
    I hope you are feeling better now. Surely the High Tea helped. What a gorgeous display of delicious food! And I must say that you have the most charming dinning room. It looks very peaceful.

    P.S.: I have already published a comment on this post but it didn't show after I clicked the publish button. I hope this one won't appear as a double... with different phrasing. :-(