Thursday, September 24

Summertime Roses Tote Bag & the Quilty Orphan Adoption Event Winner

Awhile back, I had a spell of being drawn to green fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett Collective.  Do you have that happen, where your eye starts being attracted to a certain color?  Where it might not even be your favorite color, but for some reason, you start liking it everywhere you see it?   

Anyway, that green fabric magnetism sure came in handy when I wanted to make a surprise for a friend who needed encouragement.  I had decided on making a bag to hold some goodies, when I learned that her favorite color is green and that she loves roses and summertime.  From there, it was sort of a no brainer: 

Summertime Roses Tote Bag
Strip piecing and pressing the fabrics.
Choosing the right colors of Kona cotton to use for trims, footer and lining.
Pockets made from leftover strip piecing.
A simple box pleated bottom
I used fusible fleece as the bag interlining and it does somewhat keep its shape.  Since I made this bag, I learned about a really neat product from Daryl, of Patchouli Moon Studios.  Daryl makes amazing bags, of every kind.  She clued me into ByAnnie's Soft and Stable, a thick lining that really holds a bag's shape and is very squishable, but bounces right back.  So I can't wait to try that out the next time I make a bag.  

I used a white, ropy curtain tie-back as the handle.  Found it at JoAnn's.
Summertime Roses - love those Kaffe / Jacobs / Mably fabrics!


Quilty Orphan Adoption Event and the Giveaway Winner

Many thanks to Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework!  The event is a wonderful new idea she had and I hope when Cyndy holds the next linky party in the spring, that many more people will be ready to take part.  

I've held giveaways a few times where I asked commenters to tell me about their favorite charity quilting causes.  It really makes you more aware of how many wonderful, giving and caring people inhabit Quilty Blogland!  Life is a lot brighter for so many people because of the good you all do!      

Well of course you all are winners in my book!  So I'm very glad I can use Random.org's random integer generator to choose the winner of the Rainbow Zoo Quilt Kit giveaway prize.  Otherwise, I'd never be able to decide.  

Without further ado, here is the screenshot of the winning number:

That's you Cecilia!  I've just sent the email off to you and also wanted to say that it was very nice to meet you during this giveaway!

Cecilia wrote:

Cecilia 9/18/15, 9:35 AM                            33
I like to make quilts for Project Linus and also for the NICU at our local hospital. I enjoy making quilts for the children. Thanks for giving away such a great kit.

Cecilia 9/18/15, 9:36 AM                            34
I'm a new follower via email.

Cecilia 9/18/15, 9:36 AM                            35
I've also visited the other blogs. :-)   

A great big Thank You to everyone who commented!  I actually made it through them all, replying and reciprocating LOL, which is a miracle this week.  
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  1. The bag looks awesome, and I really like the rope as the handle. I definitely have phases when I can't get enough of a particular color. Orange was the color about a year ago... I think I am in transition right now.

  2. Beautiful bag! I'm in my gray phase! Surprising how many shades of gray (more than 50?) there are. Glad you had success in the adoption event. I was in and out of town so much I just couldn't get my (s)crap together. Maybe next time.

  3. Lara, your bag is gorgeous! Made out of my favorites... anything Kaffe. :) I, too, love the rope handle. I'm sure your friend was thrilled.

  4. Beautiful bag - I live the handle material. I just used the Kaffe rose print for a quilt of mine I am working on today. The colors in it are so yummy!

    Thanks for participating again in the Orphan Adoption Event. I just sent my blocks off in the mail today. I agree, it is so wonderful to see how many quilters make donation quilts and how many deserving organizations are out there to take them. I am happy to help get unloved blocks and projects out of drawers and providing comfort.

  5. Your bag is absolutely perfect, and I know it was deeply appreciated. Soft and Stable rocks. I use it all the time and love the stability it gives projects.

  6. Gorgeous bag, with beautiful colors. And I especially love that handle! So perfect!

  7. Cgorgeous colors in that bag! Just wonderful!!

    1. Sorry about that typo - that's what happens on a phone instead of a real keyboard :-(

      Hope the bag is well received by your friend.

  8. Such a gloriously colourful bag! I love the saturated colours of Kaffe, though I never know how to use them.

  9. Lara, that bag came out beautiful! The colors are so perfect together, I know your friend will be thrilled.

  10. Yep! Quilting with a broken arm!!!!! I have a long arm so as long as Frank can help, me load the quilt I'm good to go.

    Congratulation Cecilia

  11. Congratulations to Cecilia for the win and to you for hosting. What a wonderful way to showcase some charitable organizations that quilters support.

  12. Lara, thank you! This will be a fun quilt for a child. I love your bag, the fabric is gorgeous.

  13. Orange is my current favourite. Your bag is awesome. The handle was a great choice.

  14. The bag is beautiful Lara, and the handle is a unique way to finish it off...I'm sure your friend will love it!

  15. This turned out really nicely! Love the handle treatment and your choice of accent solids.

  16. Gorgeous bag, Lara. Very creative handle - I love it!!!

  17. I like Kaffe Fasset's fabrics too and your bag is wonderful Lara! That's an unusual handle too. I wouldn't have even thought to use that kind of rope, but it looks great! Thank you for your kind words about my bags too.

  18. Yes, I agree with Daryl, your rope handle looks great. I find it suits the "garden feel" of the bag. Piecing stripes of the various fabrics resulted in a complex background that complements well the rose panel. Worth the extra effort. :-)

  19. Serendipity!! That's it! Why else would you have bought those fabrics?! The bag is fabulous, Lara! What a great way to encourage a friend. She is going to adore it!!


  20. Beautiful bag, you know I love it! I also found out about the Annie's product a while back, it is supposed to be wonderful, I haven't tried it yet.

  21. Beautiful bag Lara! I also have been wanting to try soft and sable. Many people love it.

  22. I love Kaffe, Mably hmm not sure on the Jacobs,, but probably love those too! That handle immediately caught my eye! I'll be sure to look at the curtain tie backs in Joann's as well as in Fabricland with new eyes now! I take it this is your own pattern? It turned out great. I've never heard of that ByAnnie's stuff, so I have something else to check out!

  23. I love the bag you made. And the handle is pretty ingenious.

  24. The bag you made is awesome! I love the colors, prints, and especially the handle.

  25. Gorgeous bag! You are so good at this sort of thing; I always love your combinations of pattern and fabric.

  26. You are a good friend. This bag is going to make someone so happy, and your kindness even more.

  27. What a beautiful bag Lara and the rope handle.....perfect!