Monday, June 20

Christmas in July Blog Hop, Chubby Checkers, & Linda and France's Crafted Appliqué Projects

Wouldn't it be great if this year you could get a head start on making special holiday gifts, finding fun recipes, and even making a beautiful Christmas quilt well before the season arrives?  Do you always hope that this will be the year it won't feel so much like the Howlidaze and that instead you'll be able to slow down and appreciate the true spirit of Christmas with your family and friends?   Well, this year you'll find plenty of inspiration to do just that during the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. 

Sarah has so much fun planned: She has lined up twenty-six bloggers to share a wonderful variety of free Christmas gift ideas, quilted goodies, and recipes.  (I'm really psyched to be a part of such a terrific group and my post will be on the 18th!)  Not only that, but Sarah will be doing a quilt along that aims to help you complete a Christmas quilt with only an hour or less of sewing each day during the hop.  Can you imagine?  She gave us a sneak peek and it's a beauty!  So pull out your Christmas fabric stash and mark your calendars for July 14 through July 25th, because this hop is going to be amazing! 


New Projects #craftedapplique

Two more bloggers have been getting creative with my Crafted Appliqué method.   I hope you will check out their posts:

Linda @ Art in Search made cards with her batik scraps. I love how Linda did her stitching in black thread.  When paired with all the vivid colors, it gives her gorgeous work the look of pieces in an art gallery.  
And France @ France Nadeau - Inspiration - Imagination - Creation is back again this week with a simply beautiful Maple Leaf mini quilt and matching card.  France has made several inspiring mini-minis and you can see all her delightful creations on her Instagram page.  

Thanks for letting me share here on BuzzinBumble.  I love seeing the new possibilities you both came up with!  It makes my day for sure!  So...

I finally figured out how to add a permanent linky to the Crafted Appliqué book page so that sharing and hopping will be easier for everyone.  Be sure to check out the posts for wonderful ideas and inspiration!  I've also added the posts where people made projects for the Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop. 


Chubby Checkers

I have one last project to share with you from my book "Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities".  It's a sweet treat of a checkerboard table topper called "Chubby Checkers":

Chubby Checkers Checkerboard Quilt

This project started after I found an award winning fabric I loved on Spoonflower called "Truffle Treats" by gracedesign.  I'm a great admirer of Grace's and love a lot of her fabric designs.  Her fabric made a really fun border for the checkerboard and Grace was even so kind as to send me her color codes so I could create a matching cupcake cup fabric.  You could of course use any fabrics you wished for this pattern.  My sister-in-law Cindy finished the quilt with big stitch hand quilting in brown pearl cotton that looks like chocolate Jimmy sprinkles.  There are some really nice close up photos in the book.  We use big cherry red and bittersweet chocolate brown buttons for the checkers.  


Taking a Break

For the next few weeks I am going to be taking a break from blogging and blog visiting.  It's really hard for me to do this, because I know I'll be missing each of you as well as missing seeing all kinds of wonderfulness!  But... the Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop took an enormous amount of time and effort and I need to recharge my batteries.  I don't really have a choice - Whenever I push too hard, which I did, my health problems all surface at once, like a crazed synchronized swimming team.  

I have a lot of catching up to do as well, as I am more than 100 emails behind in correspondence. (My apologies if you are one of the people I have yet to reply to.)  Also during this little break I hope to spend time with visiting family and focus on my Christmas in July Blog Hop project and tutorial so it will be the best it can be.   

As part of my effort to catch up, this post is closed to comments.  But even then, please know that...