Tuesday, February 2

Oh Baby!, One Monthly Goal, & Wandering Camera

Happy Groundhog Day!  It looks like Spring will have no trouble in arriving this year.  Winter has been unusually mild here... knock on wood.

Jim and I are now officially Lolli & Poppa!  We became the grandparents of this little bundle of sweetness and joy on January 15th:

Eden James Ward - 8 lbs, 9 oz - photo taken by the hospital photographer

Kaitie and Eden and Zak are all doing well, for which we are very thankful to God!  They seem to be naturals at first time parenting.   

Kaitie and I have been playing with the camera and learning to take better pictures.   I hope you recognize the great restraint I'm using when posting only a few of them.  Heh heh yes, I'm going to be one of those grandmothers.  

Below are photos we took when Eden turned one week old.  Our whole family came to visit and meet her over a four day weekend.

Kaitie and Eden

Blecchh!  A boy bear... with cooties. :)
Kaitie & Eden with their surprise from Colleen


The last photo is of Kaitie opening a surprise gift, sent by my wonderful friend Colleen, who blogs at Fancy Foot Farm.  Colleen made the cuddliest bathtime apron from a towel and decorated it with woodland animal fabric, which was a real hit with Kaitie and with me too.  What a clever idea and wow do I wish we had these when our kids were little.  Thank you for the sweet gift Colleen! 

My sister-in-law Cindy crocheted the beautiful baby blanket you see in the photos.  She makes one for every new addition to the family.  Kaitie and Zak love the one she made for Eden.  Thanks Cindy!   


More Thanks!

A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway that Kaja held on her blog Sew Slowly.  I won a whole yard of fabric from the Vishruti Dev who has a beautiful Etsy shop called EcoFabricStore.  While looking at her shop, I could not help but order two more yards of Khadi handspun and handwoven fabrics.  The fabrics are simply gorgeous!  I'll let a picture speak for itself.  Thank you Kaja and Vishruti!  

All natural fabrics from EcoFabricStore


One Monthly Goal

Well, it's time to write up my One Monthly Goal and link up to Heidi's party!  Last month I didn't make my goal of cleaning up my sewing space.  It's neater than it was, but I got a bit sidetracked, LOL.  It didn't help that we coughed out the contents of two closets into my sewing area.  

This month my one monthly goal is easy to choose.  I need to make a baby quilt for Eden!  Some grandmother I am, not having one made already.   These are the fabrics that I have pulled for that:  Tiger Lily, by Heather Ross.  I'm thinking of mixing in some Moda Grunge from my stash and making a stacked coins type quilt, but haven't decided yet.   


Also starting this week, Soma is beginning her Wandering Camera Series, which will be the first Thursday of every month!  It's a chance to experiment with camera play and then join a party and share what you did every month.  Soma will also be sharing tutorials on photography and if you have seen her photos, you know this is very exciting!  We all take photos and we all would like to get better at it, no matter our skill level, so this is a fun way to advance our abilities and also to swap ideas and encouragement with others.     


Thanks for visiting!  

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Monday, January 4

Three New Linky Parties!

There's a new sheriff in town and ... well no, not really, but there are three new linky parties in Quilty Blogland that I think you all will enjoy.  I'll start with Heidi's, since it is somewhat time sensitive.  

One Monthly Goal

My talented friend Heidi, of Red Letter Quilts, was left feeling bereft when ALYoF (A Lovely Year of Finishes) ended.  But she didn't stay sad for too long, because inspiration struck!  

Heidi is kicking off a new linky party this week, called One Monthly Goal.  Its aim is that people can set one quilt related goal at the start of each month, share it in the linky party during the first week of the month and cheer each other on.  Then, during the last week of the month, return and share their accomplished goal. To top it off, Heidi is going to offer a chance to win a prize each month for those who link up both times.  Doesn't that sound exciting and imminently do-able?   I hope you hop over to Red Letter Quilts and join in the fun!


This month is chock full of nuts eventful happenings for my family, with much activity centering around the arrival of our first grandchild, a baby girl named Eden.  Our daughter Kaitie is ready to deliver any day now!  Watching her tummy is like watching a large cat in a small bag! 

My one monthly goal should therefore be baby related, but I have something I need to take care of before I can do any more quilting.  My sewing area is a completely discombobulated wreck.  I'll just show you one corner of the room, because if anything expresses what I've done, this does:

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

...and yes, the whole room is like this.  So this is my goal for January - to make a place for everything, to put things away neatly, and to destash, sell, or give away things that I no longer think I will use.  I normally spend way too much time hopping around blogland, but this week I am going to buckle down and get 'er done!   Hopefully, starting the year off well organized will make a big difference in my ability to accomplish other goals. 

And speaking of conquering messes and getting organized...


The Year of the Stash 2016

If you have some ideas of how you want to manage your hoarding stash this year, or need a little inspiration, you will love checking out the amazing Jen's very practical The Year of the Stash Manifesto and Linky at a Quarter Inch From the Edge.  Write your own stash manifesto and share it with everyone!   


Fabric, Thread and Yarn

The other new linky party I'd like to tell you about is being hosted by my charming friend France, of inspiration  imagination  creation.  She has started a linky party called Fabric, Thread and Yarn.  

So many of you love to do many kinds of needle arts, not just quilting.  I see beautiful creations in stitchery, knitting, and crocheting all the time while visiting around blogland.  So this linky party ought to knock your socks off!  Or on.  :)

France's party runs Thursdays through Sundays and you can even link up old posts!  Don't you just love when you can do that?    


I hope you all are having a beautiful start to the New Year!
Thanks for visiting because...

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Tuesday, December 29

Best of 2015

Cheryl, of Meadow Mist Designs, is holding a Best of 2015 Linky Party this week.  Be sure to join in the fun!  The linky is live through January 2nd and is chock full of the most wonderful Quilty Goodness.

It wasn't easy to choose, but here are my five favorites from the projects I worked on in 2015.  You can click on each picture if you want to know more and it will take you to the original post.

My favorite adult quilt: "Serenity Now!" - a design my son Sam chose, based on a painting by Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings.  It was made with shot cottons.

"Serenity Now!"


My favorite children's quilt: "Elephant Parade" a pattern from Lorna McMahon of Sew Fresh Quilts

"Elephant Parade"


My favorite baby quilt: "Little Totoro" featuring Totoro appliqued on Connie Kresin's "Blue Sapphire" pattern: 

"Little Totoro"


My favorite project: Modern Mermaids Thread Catcher & Pincushion with appliques inspired by Heather Ross' Calypso Mermaids fabric.

I think I would have picked the Charly & Wilbur mug rug I made for Ruth too, except that was my most recent post and I imagine you all have seen enough of that by now.  

Modern Mermaids Thread Catcher


And last, but not least, my most viewed post, by far: 
Delectable Mountains - Paper Pieced Miniature Quilt - Four Free Patterns and a Tutorial

It's interesting to look back and see where you've been.  I hope to see you at the party if you take a stroll down memory lane yourself!

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