Thursday, December 11

Snowflake Snowalong Table Runner

Snowalong Table Runner with Fairy Frost Fabric Snowflakes
It was so much fun to make these paper pieced snowflake blocks! This is the perfect time of year to give them a try too!  

I was a little late joining in for Joanne's (Canuck Quilter) Snowalong Sew-along, but that didn't matter, because she has her wonderful patterns in her Craftsy shop.  How great that we can find them and not miss out on the sew-along, no matter how much later we join!  The coolest thing is that with each pattern, you can make at least three different snowflakes.

This table runner is a surprise thank you gift for my sister-in-law Cindy, who acted as my in-house editor for my upcoming book.  (My husband Jim was the outhouse editor. Hee hee)  Cindy went over everything I wrote (twice!) with a fine eye for being grammatically correct and clear.   She has told me she will try not to peek at BuzzinBumble, until I give her the all clear, but when she does look again I want to say:  

Snowalong table runner fabrics:
Background is Winter frost by Jan Schade Beach for Henry Glass
Snowflakes are Glimmer Fairy Fr
ost by Michael Miller
The first time I saw the snowflakes was while visiting my friend Sandra's blog: Musings of a Menopausal Melon.  She has actually made Quite a Few Snowalong Blocks and they are so beautiful that I just had to click on the links to find out more about them.  That is how I found Joanne.  

You can tell that Joanne put a lot of thought into what she would like to see in a PP pattern and then worked to make her patterns perfect.  Truly, she is a paper piecing genius!  Her directions are very thorough and consistent.  Her patterns have clipped corners that make lining up the sections so easy.  I didn't even flub it up once, which is something I usually have trouble with.   And the pre cutting instructions were great.  Very little fabric waste.  She even included a coloring page with each pattern, so you can test out your own color schemes. 

Joanne, you did an AMAZING job creating these patterns!  

An especially Frosty rocking chair.

How many of you have little helpers when you sew?  I bet many of you have had a child, grandchild, or pet cuddling up in the folds of a quilt before you even have it completed.  I have two such helpers.  You can see here that our dog Pip and I have a "binding contract" to that effect.  She has to sit in my lap and keep peeking over the edge while I hand sew the binding.  Heh, Heh - We go through a lot of lint rollers.  Please excuse the Fuzzy Focus, I snapped the photo with my phone and just missed the way she sits there with her little tongue sticking out.  She makes me laugh every day.

Pip "helping" me sew.

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Thursday, December 4

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding - by Lara B.

Talk about a blast from the past, Arr Arr.  This is a quilt I made two years ago, from a Lynda Hall pattern.  Since I am currently eyeball deep in Things That Can't Be Shown Yet (because the giftees might see it too soon if I post it here) I thought it would be fun to share this instead. 

There probably isn't a quilting style I don't like or love.  It is so fun to see what people are creating on their blogs and I must have a bucket list a mile long now.  I do have a predilection though for warm, autumny colors, especially reds.  

This particular quilt is one of my favorites because of both the colors and the pattern.  It is done in 1800's reproduction fabrics and might be considered a primitive scrappy / country style piece.  Like a lot of Lynda's patterns though, if you change the fabrics up , you could easily have a more modern style quilt.  

I was insecure about getting the pieces to line up right, so I converted the pattern into a paper piecing pattern and also tweaked it so that the starburst points went further, into the outer border.  This quilt was a lot of fun to make, so much so that I hope to remake it someday!  Usually I just want to move on and try something new.  Are you like that?  Or do you prefer to make a few versions of each quilt you make?  

Click on this link: Lynda Hall's Quilt Patterns, if you would like to have a few chuckles.  The way she names her quilt patterns and the little stories she comes up with to go with the patterns sure tickle my funny bone!  "One Ringy Dingy", "Jeepers Creepers", and "Holy Matchimony Thing" are just a few that crack me up.  I would love to meet Lynda in person; she must have a great sense of humor.  

Although I am braver now, at the time, I was too lily-livered to try quilting the top after I got it pieced, so I gladly turned it over to my friend Julie DeGrave to quilt.  She did a fabulous job, as always.

Here are two pictures, so you can see how even the most straightforward quilting really brings a quilt to life:

Shotgun Wedding: the flimsy, before quilting.
Shotgun Wedding: sunlit so you can see Julie's quilting.

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Sunday, November 30

Vintage Holiday Wreath Fabric Winners!

Sledding Foxes - Such a fun vintage picture!  
Click on it to see more great vintage Christmas images from The Graphics Fairy

Well, Spoonflower really pulled a fast one on me... and I mean that in a Very Good Way!  I had ordered another yard of my Vintage Holiday Wreath Fabric, but never thought it would get here in time for this giveaway.  They must be working mega overtime, because it is due to arrive here tomorrow.  Thank you hard working people at Spoonflower!  (Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug!)

This means that I can add four more winners to the giveaway, for a total of SIX lucky commenters, instead of two, as I had originally planned! 

Vintage Christmas Wreath Table Topper

Here is a list of all the terrific people who entered the drawing for my Vintage Holiday Wreath Fabric Fabric Giveaway.  I've assigned everyone a number based on the order of their comments.  I also added links to their blogs if applicable.  It's definitely worth taking a peek at what these creative people have been doing!  Thank you everyone for your comments; it was a lot of fun for me to read them and visit your websites!  

1 -  Carolyn at sew.darn.quilt
2 -  Missy at Missy’s Homemaking Adventures
3 -  Kaja at Sew Slowly
4 -  Maryse at Maryse Makes Things
5 -  Natalie
6 -  Barbara at A Simply Great
7 -  Janie
8 -  Mary Alice at Love of Stitching (Coming soon? Hopefully!)
9 -  Lyn at What a Hoot!
10 - Malini at Malini's Quilting Adventure
11 - Ilana Joffe - Ilana, you are a no-reply commenter :(
12 - Sarah
13 - Kathy at Sparkles, Sprinkles and Everyday Crap
14 - Connie at Freemotion by the River
15 - Pam
16 - Ramona at Doodlebugs and Rosebuds Quilts
17 - Marcy at Made By Me in Red
18 - France at France Nadeau - Inspiration Imagination Creation
19 - Linda - Linda, you are a no-reply commenter :(
20 - Dawnie at sewyouquilt2
21 - Paulette at The Way I Sew It
22 - Laura at Sewing Out of My Comfort Zone
23 - LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color
24 - Alla at White Mountains
25 - Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts
26 - Melissa at Missouri Mel
27 - Vicki
28 - Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon
29 - Frédérique at Quilting, Patchwork, & Appliqué
30 - Pippi at Pippi Stitches 
31 - Lee at The Butler Did It!  (Coming soon? Hopefully!)
32 - Jiienna 

Once again, I used the handy Random Integer Generator at Random.org to create the list of giveaway winners and here it is:

Off I go, to let Sandra, Laura, Maryse, France, Kaja, and Paulette know they were the lucky fabric giveaway winners.  

I hope all of you have a great and creative week!  BuzzinBumble will be going back to it's regularly scheduled program.... which means I am going to try and get some sewing done and posted before Christmas.  

We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Program
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