Monday, June 30

A Humorous Sign for Crafters

So true... So true!

Finding goodies you forgot you had?

Chalkboards have an appeal from our school days, when we dared to doodle. 
I created a digital chalkboard craft room sign for fun.  The image of the thread spool and needle is from a photo on rgbstock.com by luci, which I played with to change it into a chalkboard graphic.
What are some fun ways you use chalkboards around the home?

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Lucy Learns to Sew

I Love Lucy!  ... and this is such a funny sketch:  Lucy is messing around with a sewing machine, as only she can do.  I just about died laughing watching this episode.  Lucy laid her pattern out on the floor and cut up the rug up with it.  I could see myself doing something like that. ;)

I wonder what kind of sewing machine she has there?   Do any of you vintage sewing machine lovers recognize it?  

Lucy Learns to Sew

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Sunday, June 29

Kaitie's Honey Lavender Lemonade

Kaitie made a pitcher of Honey Lavender Lemonade for our first BBQ of summer... it was a big hit!

An ice cold, refreshing glass of Honey Lavender Lemonade

Makes 2 quarts

  • Fresh lemons – enough to squeeze two cups of lemon juice and have a few lemon slices left over
  • Fresh lavender blossoms – about two tablespoons  (You can substitute one tablespoon of dried culinary lavender)
  • Honey – one cup, or sweeten to taste
  • Water – six cups
Picking Lavender Blossoms


Bring two cups of water to a boil and then turn off the heat.  Stir in one cup of honey and the lavender blossoms.  Let steep for at least five minutes. (Longer is okay too.)

While that is steeping:
Cut each lemon in half.  Take a nice slice or two of lemon off of each half and set these aside.  Squeeze the juice from the remainder of the lemon halves into a small bowl and then spoon out the seeds.  Mix the lemon juice and 2 cups of water in a half gallon container. 

Remove the lavender blossoms from the honey lavender water.  Add the honey lavender water to the pitcher of lemon water and mix well.  Slip the lemon slices in, top off with more water and stir.  
Chill the lemonade.  Pour over ice, garnish, and serve.    

First cookout of the summer!

Saturday, June 28

Pink Coneflowers on a Brilliant Summer Morning

Sweet, Sweet Summertime!

Morning Sunshine in the backyard
Proof that redheads look good in pink!
I've read before that it usually works best to take outdoor photos on overcast days.  This morning though, the light was so pure that everything seemed to glow and I just had to step outside, camera in hand.  The photos turned out so well, that it got me wondering: how would sunset shots turn out?  The next time we have a golden evening, we'll leash up the pups and take them to the nature trail on the bluff to give it a try.  

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