Saturday, June 28

Pink Coneflowers on a Brilliant Summer Morning

Sweet, Sweet Summertime!

Morning Sunshine in the backyard
Proof that redheads look good in pink!
I've read before that it usually works best to take outdoor photos on overcast days.  This morning though, the light was so pure that everything seemed to glow and I just had to step outside, camera in hand.  The photos turned out so well, that it got me wondering: how would sunset shots turn out?  The next time we have a golden evening, we'll leash up the pups and take them to the nature trail on the bluff to give it a try.  

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  1. Sunset would be gorgeous! The light is softer and it will reduce the harsh lines of shadow. Such beautiful flowers!!! A lovely summer day for sure.

  2. What beautiful flowers! I love your pictures and your garden!