Tuesday, July 29

Nancy Rink's Stolen Quilts

Many of you are familiar with the wonderful quilts created by Nancy Rink, one of our most beloved designers and teachers.  
Nancy was recently victimized by thieves who broke into her studio and took at least 16 of her quilts.  This is a devastating loss, not only for Nancy, but for the Quilting Community as a whole! 

I am adding my voice to the call to keep alert for any sign of Nancy Rinks stolen quilts.  
This photo only shows three of Nancy's quilts.  Please click here to view an album of 16 of the quilts which were taken:
Sixteen Quilts Stolen from Nancy Rink's Studio 

Add your voice by passing this news on through all our social media!  As a watchful and caring community, we may be able to recover some of Nancy's quilts.