Friday, March 13

My Pillow, Fabric Shopping, and Step-by-Step FMQ Giveaway Winner

Simply Striped Pillow - Scrappy & Vintage Happiness!

Didn't you all just love Susie's Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop?!!  It was sew much fun to see how each person put a whole new twist on their pillow.  As Sandra said, it "Really reinforces the sky's the limit philosophy for creativity." (Oh. My. Goodness!  Check out Sandra's Quilted Seashells!) 

I had been looking for fun ways to use vintage linens and found that the Simply Striped Pillow was perfect for showing off a pretty, embroidered handkerchief.  The pillow also is the perfect pattern to try out your free motion quilting skills - with three little sections on each side just asking to be experimented with.   I used Christina's FMQ designs on my pillow.  You can see full details here, on day 5 of the hop.

There were a few giveaways to add to the fun and the one here on BuzzinBumble was for a pdf of Susie's pillow pattern and also a brand new copy of Christina Cameli's latest book "Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting".

Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting

Christina is a gifted teacher!  Step-by-Step is the companion book to "First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting: 24 Projects for Fearless Stitching", but it stands very well on its own too.  Between these two wonderful books and Christina's best selling Craftsy class "The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting"  I finally feel like I really am on my way to becoming a free-motion quilter!  

This is the perfect time to jump into taking a Craftsy class, like Christina's!   Craftsy is celebrating National Craft Month by offering up to 50% off all classes!  Previosly, I had signed up for three classes and will be adding number four this weekend.  I am having a difficult time choosing which class to add, so would love to hear your suggestions!   It is a great boon that the classes are closed captioned for the hearing impaired, you can stop and restart and go back and review to your heart's content, and they are yours forever. 

I became a Craftsy affiliate because I love the classes.  This also means that if you click on one of the links and happen to make a purchase, I earn a little Mula, so thank you very much if you do!

So, without further ado, here is the winner for BuzzinBumble's  Simply Striped Blog Hop Giveaway:

That's you Raewyn!  I'll be sending you an email to let you know! 

Raewyn is a stitching farm girl who lives in New Zealand.  She has a beautiful blog: lovetostitch   In her latest post, Raewyn showed some of her beautiful invisible machine applique and some experiments she tried with water soluble applique paper, which were very helpful and interesting!   


I've won a giveaway too - Carolyn, of sew.darn.quilt has started a new cross stitching blog By the Pricking of my Thumb!  She had a giveaway and this beautiful bundle of springtime cheer is what I won:  10 lovely skeins of DMC Floss!  
Thank You Carolyn!


I do a lot of my fabric shopping via the internet, because I don't drive anymore and getting my husband to take me to a local quilt shop does not happen as often as a quilter would like it to.  I recently purchased fabrics where I just have to share about what a great experience it was. (I am not being paid in any way to say this.)  

The first was with Sharon, of Quilt Plus More on eBay   Sharon is currently having a sale for 30% off all her fabric!  What makes her store so unusual is that everything is sold by the quarter yard.  This option is wonderful if you just need a little bit of something!  I could not resist and just bought the cutest bee fabric and a great swirly grey mixer ... much more than 1/4 of a yard:

 Quilt Plus More

When I made my Simply Striped Pillow, I used up the last bit of a favorite fabric:  Athill Range by Cabbages and Roses - Perrymead in aqua.  I was so sad to see it go, that I googled to see if anyone still had it.  I found it at the Li'l Red Hen Quilt Shop in Kansas and promptly placed an order.  Imagine my surprise when I received my package and saw that Jenny had included an extra fat quarter of matching fabric for free.  Thank you Jenny! 

Li'l Red Hen Quilt Shop

Gosh, we are so much more blessed than the quilters who came before us, with a huge variety of fabrics and tools, right at our fingertips!  

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  1. Congratulations to your winner-- Raewyn!!
    And how exciting for you, Lara, to win a giveaway!
    I agree with you , about how lucky we are to be able to buy fabric without having to travel. And to be able to join in with sewing bees and hops, without leaving our homes. And even take the Craftsy classes!

    1. Ditto!!!! I'm off to order my copy of the book....I can't wait for the arrive. Thanks for highlighting it Lara!! Enjoy your new goodies!!

  2. I quite agree that we are so blessed with variety and abundance. But we make good use of all the goodies out there. And it seems that what-goes-around-comes-around as you have won some embroidery threads whilst hosting your own give-away. I like Craftsy classes too - there are so many to choose from. I am sure you will pick something fun.

  3. Your pillows look so cute together. And I seriously love that book.

  4. My copy of Christina's book arrived a couple of days ago, and I echo Jasmine's comment. It makes me get the shakes as quilty adrenalin courses through my veins, and I want to FMQ like NOW! Thanks for the shout-out! The runner is on my coffee table as I type; finished 'er up this afternoon, woot woot! And oh no.....you have led me into more temptation... btw beautiful embroidery on the Home Sweet Home pillow!

    1. Sandra, I had the same, hyper-excited reaction when I first saw Christina's book and still have it when I look through the designs. She has a gift for making you feel like you can accomplish things! I feel like Ricochet Rabbit, wanting to go off in every direction at once! LOL

  5. Thank you Lara - I'm excited to wait for the post ... and the pdf pillow pattern has already arrived! And what a beautifu parcel you received!Looks like you've done some great shopping there - a whole new world has opened out to us with online activity - shopping, classes, plenty of inspiration and lots of friendships!

  6. What a delightful way to use some vintage linens. We are fortunate to live in an era with so many gorgeous fabrics and useful tools.

  7. Your cushion is delightful, Lara! So soft and sweet. It is really nice to be able to shop for fabrics online. Especially if you are in an isolated area like I am. But nothing beats the real life experience of shopping in person where you can see and feel the true colours and quality of what you are buying.

  8. Your pillows are so adorable dear Lara - I love it!

  9. You were lucky in winning the embroidery floss. And DMC floss, nothing less.
    Shopping online has many advantages, I find. You don't have to warm the car and the remove the snow covering it before going. You don't have to sit on a freezing-bone seat when you finally get out of the store. But most of all, waiting for a package of fabric to arrive in the mail is quite exciting.

  10. What a beautiful pillow Lara and it looks like you have some neat goodies to play with!!

  11. Well...you know me, and you probably knew I'd love your pillow! Pretty stuff! You've officially got me hooked on looking into Christina's FMQ books and class. I haven't seen any of her work yet and I DO need the help! Congrats on the win :) Also, I just switched some things over to gmail finally. Can you let me know if you got notification of this post? Thanks Lara!