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How to Hypnotize a Frog, a Tutorial - LOL (Plus Announcing the Giveaway Winner)

After reading the Lovely Blog Award post, quite a few people wanted to know more about hypnotizing frogs.  When Judy and Paulette jokingly suggested a tutorial, I thought "Why Not?"  ;)  

The Why and the How Behind Frog Hypnotism

Why would anyone want to hypnotize a frog?

Frog hypnotism is a fun activity to do, especially with children.  It gets everyone outside and enjoying nature.  It is a chance to explore and understand a frog's habitat, as well as to get a very close look at the frog.  It does no harm to the frog, as long as you are conscientious and respect life.     

How do you hypnotize a frog?


  • A delight in Mother Nature and the ability to not take yourself too seriously.
  • A likely frog habitat: Frogs like wet areas and can be found in and around the edges of creeks, swamps, and ponds, and sometimes even in puddles.  

If you aren't as nimble as an eight year old, then a fishing net sure comes in handy.

Through each of these steps, be very gentle with the frog.

  1. Go to a likely frog habitat and look for frogs.  When you locate some, catch yourself a frog.  It takes a little patience and the ability to hold still.  Wait for a frog to pop up near you and then swoop it up with either your hands or a net.  Children are especially good at catching frogs, perhaps because they have less distance to swoop.  If you are doing the frog catching yourself, be prepared for laughter and a slight-to-substantial loss of dignity.  
  2. Hold the frog in one hand, tummy up.  Encircle the frog's chest with your thumb and fingers, just under the armpits and hold it firmly but without too much pressure.  
  3. Pet the frog's tummy with your other fingertip, using a repetitive stroking motion from just under its chin to the bottom of its belly.  The frog will relax and go into a trance. 
  4. You can get a good look at the frog now.  Frogs really are beautiful, even more so when you can examine them up close.
  5. This last step is important:  Don't leave the frog in a trance when you are through.  It is too vulnerable in this state and could easily dry out or get caught by a predator.  After hypnotizing the frog, place it so that it is sitting somewhere safe and nudge it a bit until it comes out of its trance.  Make sure that it hops safely back to the water.      


You can hypnotize a few other kinds of animals too.  Did you read Maryse's comment from my last post?  Here it is, in case you missed it.  I could just imagine it and practically fell out of my chair laughing:

It was really fun to read about you, Lara!
I sure got a kick out of reading you hypnotizing frogs ... I had to look this one up on youtube. My husband used to hypnotize his grandma's chickens, she almost had a stroke when she saw all her chickens laying on the ground. :-))

Later, Maryse explained that her husband did it by drawing a line on the ground with a stick.  The chicken watches this and goes into a trance.  She thought it might have something to do with their eyes being on the sides of their heads.    


My family did not have a TV for most of my childhood.  I can clearly remember the wonder and excitement of going to our neighbor's home to watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) reach the moon in 1969.  We were country kids.  When we weren't in school or working, we were off like a shot on our banana seat bikes, having adventures in the woods and along the creeksides and ponds.  We invented our own fun.  

Were you an outdoorsy tomboy-ish sort of kid when you were young?  Or did you prefer tea sets and dolls and baking?  My children categorized their friends in two ways.  They called them "innies" and "outies".  This at first fooled me into thinking they were talking about belly buttons, but it really referred to where their friends liked to play.  

There is a lot to be said for getting children away from the television and video games and into the fresh air.  One of my son's fondest memories is of the time he and I were stuck waiting for my husband to come out of a long appointment.  Sam was only seven and the wait was making him very restless, so we wandered over to a pond and had a sword fight with cattails.  By the time my husband came out to the car, we were covered in cattail fluff and quite happy with ourselves.   

Things have changed so much and children today have less freedom to ramble over the countryside.  The kids of yesterday knew a lot more lore about animals and the outdoors than most children do today.  As a Mom, I felt sad that my own three had so few of these experiences.  So when my kids were young, I bought them this book about nature activities:

"Talking to Fireflies, Shrinking the Moon"
The author, Edward Duensing was a very adventurous child himself, but he also gathered knowledge of playing outdoors from many sources.  Want to whistle up a woodchuck?  Make clothes from wearable plants?  Be able to tell just how tall that tree is?  Find exploding weeds?  There are forty different fun activities in this book.  If you want to mightily impress the children in your life, then I heartily recommend reading this book and putting some of these adventures into practice.  


It's about time that I announce the winner of the Cotton + Steel Flying Geese Quilt Kit Giveaway.  The winner my husband drew from all the slips was....

Beth was commenter number 39 and wrote:

I commented on each blog, and found several new ones to follow--thanks! Also, now I'm browsing some Craftsy patterns I discovered while making the rounds. What a fun way to spend an evening, thanks to you. :)

I'm very happy to meet you Beth!  Thank you for your lovely comments on all the blogs!

Thanks to all of you for visiting and for your enthusiasm in that giveaway!  There was a lot of blog hopping going on and it was a lot of fun!  

Stay tuned for more giveaways here on BuzzinBumble this month.   Next up, I will be giving away the makings for a Kaffe Fassett pre-cut log cabin quilt!  I'll be looking for people who make charity quilts and holding a random drawing for the winner.  

I will be joining Cyndy's Orphan Project Adoption Event - a Linky Party at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.  Cyndy came up with the BRILLIANT idea to pass along the projects we don't think we'll ever finish by holding giveaways and linking to her event.  The one qualification is that the projects must be passed along for free - no charge (except perhaps for shipping).  So be sure to round up your own languishing orphan projects and come and join in the fun this Saturday!  

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  1. Love your tutorial! I will have to remember to read it again before we go camping again. I agree that children today have less opportunity to really discover nature. Sure wish I had found the book you mention when mine were younger. Last summer we spent four nights in a very rustic campground (pit toilets only) next to a river. Hiked, swam, fished- the kids ran around pretty much care-free. Can't wait until we can do it again.

    1. Colleen, thanks for your great comment. I have to say that "Talking to Fireflies, Shrinking the Moon" was just as fun for adults too and would still hold the interests of most teens.
      Your camping trip sounds so wonderful and I bet the kids can't wait either.

  2. Love it!! I don't have any plans to go out and find a frog to hypnotize any time soon though.

  3. Oh my gosh! You're post title had me cracking up. And I wonder if it works on toads. We have A LOT of toads at our house. And I'm an innie. Oh boy am I an innie. Books, sewing, knitting, movies... You know in "Titanic" when Leo says to Kate's character, Rose, she seems like an indoor girl? That is totally me. But, I'm trying hard to make sure my kids spend a good bit of time outside. My son is a techie but also a nature lover so we try to combine those hobbies. :) great post!

  4. What a funny thing! Congratulations to Beth!

  5. I was totally an outie ... I was raised in the countryside ... There was nothing to keep us inside except the rain and the cold didn't stop us either, we welcomed any snow storm as it meant more snow to play with. Didn't play much with dolls except making clothes for them. :-))

  6. Your frog picture brightened my day, how cute!! This is such a fun post Lara. I've also been reflecting lately on how much things have changed. Kids don't much play with "real" toys, and like you said, the outdoor stuff just isn't the same! I remember running around playing with my friends into the dark. This doesn't happen anymore. Sitting on my grandma's country porch, catching fireflies...those were the days for sure!! Thanks for a funny, cute and uplifting post :)

  7. This is the best post, I am going to have to catch myself a frog now!

  8. I will have to give this frog hypnotism a try. That is too funny. I'm sure it will impress the grandchildren and I know just where to find a frog!

    I was a bit of both - innie and outie - as I grew up.

  9. That's an entertaining tutorial. I caught a few frogs when I was younger but I never thought of hypnotizing them. I never thought of "caressing" them on the belly. lol

  10. My daughter learned to hypnotize a rabbit...but a frog!?!?!?! I love it!

  11. Loved this post. Loved. I seriously am going to have to try this! We have had fat bullfrogs in our ornamental grasses and in our garden, even on the patio one night...somehow I'm not sure I want to hypnotize those bigger dudes, but if I could find some smaller frogs, like I used to catch for my girls and my 2 nephews, I would definitely give this a try. LOVE frogs...love French...kinda goes together, lol...And thank you for a great book recommendation; I'm going to order that for Brady's birthday. Also thank you for telling us the secrets--part of me thought you and Maryse were pulling our leg! Who knew.

  12. I was chuckling all the way through reading this post. I'd rather not touch the frogs and leave that to you. ;) I think that means I'm mostly an inside girl, but I always loved boating and camping. }

  13. Love this post. I might have to get that book.

  14. I think I will leave the frogs to you Lara! Congratulations to Beth for winning the giveaway!

  15. I'm glad I stopped by just in time for this important and useful tutorial. So funny.

  16. Next time I find a frog it's got no chance! We were outside kids (but also didn't have a tv until I was about 10)

  17. I'm not sure if I should show this to my boys or not! We've got a whole pond full of frogs on our place.

  18. What a fun post, Lara!! I laughed out loud reading about the frog and the chicken. I watched a video after reading this post and then showed it to the hubby. I am going to look into that book you recommended. Love the idea.