Monday, July 13

Sketchy Bee Journal by Heidi

Last week, an amazing surprise came to my mailbox.  

Heidi, from Red Letters Quilts, made...
a Sketchy Bee Journal for me!
Happy Dance Jamboree!

Heidi's Sketchy Bee Journal & Card

... as well as an adorable bee card!  To say I was bowled over is an understatement!  In fact, when I first beheld the package, my first thought was that Heidi was returning the scraps of vintage white on white fabrics that I had recently sent off to her.  Then I realized, it couldn't be, the package was too heavy for that.  (To see what I'm talking about check out Heidi's "Saving the Fabrics of the World" post and her wonderful Summer Gathering quilt.)

Apparently, Heidi's idea to send a surprise started brewing when I flipped over a beautiful Quilted Cookbook Cover that she made for her Mom.  We two hit it off like kindred spirits!  This all led Heidi to make this wonderful Sketchy Bee Quilted Book Jacket... and to her surprising the socks off me!  

As you can see, the journal is the Bee's Knees, with so many wonderful details!  

Sketchy Bee Journal Inside - Love the Handmade Space Label

Sketchy Bee Journal Outside - Hourglass blocks, a hand embroidered bumblebee on linen,
tape measurer fabric, and matchstick quilting!
Another great thing about Heidi's journal is that it holds a ring bound sketchbook.  I don't have to "save it for good use" because the journal can be replaced repeatedly.  I just love that!  I'm going to use this clever journal to practice Quilty doodling, like Lori Kennedy does at the Inbox Jaunt.  Lori has Doodling Tutorials, that are geared toward helping improve your FMQ creativity.

Thank you Heidi for such an incredible surprise!  You are so talented, so very sweet and I am in awe!  

I started "stalking" Heidi immediately (which is really fun by the way!)  and have plans to make her something that I hope she will love just as much as I love my new Bee Sketchbook!  


Buffy's magnetic needle keeper, keeps you from losing the needle ...
Saving feet and fannies, one set at a time!

Needle Keeper set from Buffy at YumYum Buttons

And now, I'd like to announce Buffy's three winners for her YumYum Buttons Needle Keeper Giveaway!  The winners will get to choose their own set of needle keepers.  I'll be contacting each of you and putting you in touch with Buffy. 

Thank you Buffy for such a fun and generous giveaway!  Your needle keepers are beautifully made and make sweet little gifts for friends... and a fun treat for ourselves too! 

Here are the three winning commenters, picked by the random number generator at random.org:

That would be....
29 Maryse7/8/15, 12:04 PM         
Felicitations for your blog anniversary! You know what they say ... Time flies when you're having fun! The Ric-Rac border is so cute and had to pin this one with other tutorials. Love the Yum Yum Buttons ... I am sure my husband will like them too ...

So here is my joke ... well I've got two:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Broken Pencil.
Broken Pencil who??
Nevermind, it's pointless.

Oh and what did the quilt say to the bed?
(I've got you covered!)

21 Soma Acharya7/6/15, 3:11 PM
Congratulations, Lara! Your blog is lovely. That is a beautiful mini with wonderful embroidery and a very clever border!! Love the idea of a rick rack border. Thank you for the tutorial. The needle keepers are adorable. I will go visit her etsy shop, thank you for the introduction.


42 Zenia Rene7/11/15, 2:58 PM
A duck walks into a drugstore and says, "Give me a chapstick... and put it on my bill". 
LOL ha ha ha! Happy blog anniversary! Thanks for the chance to win!

Thank you to everyone who shared funny jokes or stories, it added a lot of laughter to our week!  Zenia, my husband cracked up before I could even say the punchline, just with the thought of a duck walking into a drugstore. :)

Thank you to those of you had said such kind things about my Ric-Rac border pattern & tute too!  


I have one more thing to add.  
Most of you know Melissa Corry from Happy Quilting.  Melissa recently had her wonderful book
"Irish Chain Quilts - Contemporary Twists on a Classic Design" published by That Patchwork Place!  I love her book and it added more than one quilt to my bucket list!  A lot of you also had a ball this spring doing the Irish Chain Twist Quilt Along with Melissa.  

Irish Chain Quilts - by Melissa Corry
Well, in case you are not already aware, Melissa holds a giveaway every week.  Wow!   Recently, I entered on a whim was the lucky winner!  I won a copy of "Scraps, Inc.", published by Lucky Spool Media!  This book is has 15 wonderful and scrappy quilt designs for the modern quilter.  The quilts were designed by 15 of our favorite quilting bloggers and is great inspiration!  Thank you Melissa and Lucky Spool Media!    

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  1. Lara, what a sweet gift you received! I love that the notebooks can be changed. I wouldn't use it either if that was not the case. Thanks for mentioning Lori Kennedy. I had not heard of her, but will participate in her doodling. Anything to improve my FMQ! Have a great day!

  2. I am so thrilled that you love the sketch book Lara!
    I also follow Lori, but need to start actually doodling more - I tend to do it only when I am preparing to quilt and playing with ideas.
    In my hurry to leave a corny joke for you, I forgot to tell you how much I love the embroideries at the Etsy shop you turned us on to, Dana's Big Sister. I am thinking of ideas for a custom order for my mother's bday - she will love something done in blue and yellow. Congrats to the winners of your fun giveaway!

  3. Wow, what an awesome surprise gift to get in the mail! Happy dance indeed! :)

  4. What a wonderful surprise you received.

    You will love that scraps book. I have it and love to look through it.

  5. First congrats to the winners! Awesome!! ANd secondly, WHAT AN ADORABLE JOURNAL!!! I'm to check Heidi's site out....ya know Lara they say what goes around comes around! (Wink Wink) ENjoy!

    1. I like Lori's doodle tutorials too! Thanks for sharing their blogs with us!

  6. How nice!! Happy dance indeed ... This is lovely and so cute ... I am sure it will be put to good use. :-)

    That been said, many thanks to you and Buffy for the giveaway!! You know I almost forgot about it and was a bit surprised when I got your message ... Happy dance here too ... :-)

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post, as always. So much pretty stuff here and also it's uplifting to see how how we meet one another through stitching and blogging. Enjoy your special presents!

  8. Happy dances all around! That journal really is sweet!

  9. Gorgeous gift - love the bumble bee! Congrats to the winners!

  10. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, I love that it's made just for your with your BuzzinBumble Bee.

  11. This is indeed a beautiful gift that you've received. I love the way the colors pop up against the black fabric she chose. And the beautifully made bee!
    Congratulations to the three winners!

  12. Love is in the details, isn't it? The journal is so perfectly friendly! Happy happy for both giver and receiver :) the scraps book you won looks super...I look forward to seeing how it inspires you!!

  13. Wowee, you have had a lucky week good for you! Your journal cover is just the ticket to spark creativity.

  14. What an awesome surprise! All the little details on the journal cover really make it personal and extra cute. Enjoy! I thought I was keeping up with everyone's posts this summer, but I missed your blogaversary. I'll have to read through past ones. Congrats though!

  15. I'm told this sketchbook has magical properties. If you doodle a quilt design for which you d not already own the fabric, the writing just ---disappears!
    Happy Bolg Anniversary! Blogging for one wonderful year 😉

  16. Getting unexpected quilty gifts in the mail is the best surprise.
    And then you won the Scraps Inc. book. Did you buy a lottery ticket yet? Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

  17. Yay for happy mail! That journal cover is so cute! A nice gift for a well deserved recipient :) Congrats on the win. I agree, you need to buy a lottery ticket! Your winners had some cute jokes...the duck, LOL Zenia!

  18. I am not in the least surprised that you got such a sweet gift as you are such a sweet giving person yourself. :-) Man I just love that journal cover...need to make one. Yay to all 3 winners of the needle keepers, and hooray for your book win. Suh-WEET!

  19. That is so you, Lara!! It's beautiful and it's perfect! You are going to have so much fun filling it with idea sketches. Thank you so much! Now I won't be spending late night hours, half asleep looking for needles on all fours with an iphone flashlight :)


  20. Congratulations! It is such a lovely gift to receive especially when it is a surprise. Also congrats on winning the pattern. It is really a good day for you.

  21. YAY!! I got my needle keepers in the mail today! Buffy is super fast! Thanks again Lara. I'm glad everyone got a laugh out of the joke! =)

  22. Is there anything nicer than a surprise package coming in the mail? Bloggers do make nice friends.

  23. What a gorgeous and BEEutiful customized fabric book cover !! It fits you perfectly! I think it is Quilty Karma, Lara!!
    Your giveaways are always so generous and wonderful. Congratulations to your winners. :)

  24. What a nice.......and might I add.......PERFECT gift for you!

  25. What a wonderful sketch book cover, and so nice to be surprised with a package in the mail! I love the bumblebee detail.

  26. What a delightful surprise from Heidi. Enjoy!