Friday, October 7

Many Thanks! & a Trilling Experience

I'm sending out a BIG THANKS to Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting for hosting a wonderful Pets on Quilts Show this year!  This is a really fun annual linky event, with so many great posts and a lot of laughs.  Participating in and/or following along is a sure-fire way to enjoy the hi-jinks of quilters and their pets and meet friends, both new and old.

Also I want to express my gratitude to the voters and for the fact that the Charlie & Wilbur Mug Rug that I made for Ruth at Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner won the Pet Themed Quilt category.  There were some mighty amazing quilts in that category and it was a very close contest.   I'm jazzed over a few new ideas for next year too!  

It was really thrilling to win a bundle of Sharon Holland's absolutely beautiful Tapestry fabrics.  These fabrics are wonderful, with beautiful colors, and they are very soft, both to touch and see. If you look closely, you will notice that two of them have a very subtle cat theme. Thank you to Sharon, for being such a generous sponsor of the Pets on Quilts event!  

Sharon Holland Designs - "Tapestry" fabric collection


It's time for Wandering Camera!

Autumn is my very favorite time of the year.  We haven't seen much in color changes in the leaves yet, but 'tis the season for Farmer's Markets to be at their very best!  Pumpkin Time has come and who can resist pumpkins? 

We visited a beautiful and colorful market, but forgetful me did not bring a camera.  Luckily my daughter Bean let me use her cell phone and these are a few of the photos, below. I'm surprised at the photo quality being so good. 

Linking up with Soma's monthly Wandering Camera event over at Whims and Fancies.  

Bouquets by the Bucket
A Happy Companion
Cherry Tomatoes - which were yummy! (We bought some.)
Handmade Pottery
Herbal Delights
The World's Best Breakfast Sandwiches! (at least Gonzo and Jim think so.)
Going out of my gourd over pumpkins!

Also not to be missed:  Soma is a master of paper piecing pattern design and she is currently is holding a Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along at Whims and Fancies too.  The detail she is able to get in her blocks, while at the same time keeping the lines clean and simple, is amazing! 


Suzy Webster at Adventurous Applique and Quilting has published her book "Folk Art Quilted Traditions".  She's one of the last authors to make it through the AQS editorial process, because the AQS is leaving book publishing.  I'm so glad she made it too, because this book is a gem!  I just love folk art and the Suzy's designs are inspirational, to say the least.  The blog hop / book tour begins next Monday, with wonderful presenters and I'll be taking my turn on Friday.   

Here is the schedule below:

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop
October 10-14, 2016

Monday, October 10
Connie Kresin Campbell - http://www.conniekresin.com/

Tuesday, October 11
Adele Mogavero - http://adelemogavero.com/

Wednesday, October 12

Thursday, October 13
Maryellen McAuliffe - http://teachpany.blogspot.com/

Friday October 14
Lara Buccella - http://www.buzzinbumble.com/   


A Trilling Event!

Our little granddaughter Eden just gets more and more fun.  She's eight months old now and every day she seems to change.  It is really great to see her strong personality growing.  One of the many hilarious things she has started doing is trilling.  Her dad Zak caught a video of her performing and I just have to share it here.  

Here is a link in case the embedded video does not work:  Eden's Trilling Video

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  1. Eden, you trill like no-one has done before, amazing, I can see you in years to come entertaining them all at Carnegie Hall!!! lovely fabrics, I was also a very lucky winner and have that fantastic pattern " Cat Treats" to look at and decide what fabrics to use. The sponsors of all give-aways are so generous. Enjoy the wee grandy, a special time in our lives.

  2. Eden's trilling is so cute, thanks for sharing. Grandkids are a delight as you well know. Congrats on winning. Those fabrics look so scrumptious, do you have plans for them yet.

  3. Congratulations on your win! Fabulous set of fabrics, I love the soft colors. You're right, fall farmers markets are the best. Amazing how the vibrant colors of the produce match the changing trees isn't it? The hillsides around us are becoming more spectacular every day. The Folk Art Traditions book looks like a perfect way to feature your crafted applique technique, looking forward to this blog hop. Eden is just adorable, a little bundle of cuteness to love! Being a grandma is the best time of our lives I think!

  4. Lovely photos, made me smile especially the dog and breakfast sandwich - Eden is beautiful!

  5. Congratulations on winning the fabrics!
    Your trip to the market looks wonderful, the photos capture autumn's (fall's) bounty perfectly! And I'm looking forward to the blog hop, that book looks brilliant!

  6. Congratulations on your win. Your photos are beautiful. I love the way you zero in on things to fill the frame with color. I've been having trouble viewing videos, but I'm sure your granddaughter is precious and adorable :)

  7. The trilling is such a hoot, and Eden is so, so sweet!
    I am amazed at the photos from a cell phone! What a wonderful market, and oh, those tomatoes!!

  8. Congrats again, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! :) Your wee babe video is adorable!

  9. Oh my gosh that trilling video is adorable!!

  10. OH those tomatoes! Love the photos! And congrats on the win.

  11. Congratulations on winning that lovely bundle, Laura! Your mini quilt for Ruth is a work of art. <3

  12. Many congrats on your win! Your photography is very beautiful! That was my college major! And your little granddaughter trilling is soooooooo super adorable! LOL

  13. Congrats on your win. Eden is adorable.

  14. Congratulations on your win - what a lovely bundle of fabric you got too. Your fall market looks just my cup of tea - such fun to wander. The Folk Art book looks very interesting - I bet that style will lend itself to some fabulous crafted applique; I can't wait to see what you do. As for Eden - of course she is a darling. It is such a wonderful thing to watch a child's personality reveal itself - and hooray for strong-minded girls.

  15. Eden is darling and her trilling is so funny. Glad it was caught on tape.

    Your photos are fabulous. The fall colors are so warm and inviting.

    Congratulations on your win - well deserved!

  16. So cute! Not many babies can do that.

  17. You were missed, Lara. Happy to have you back in blogland. Those fabrics are beautiful and I am jealous :-p
    Eden is adorable!!!

  18. Congrats on your win! I love Sharon's fabrics!
    Your photos are stunning Lara, so so pretty :)
    Eden certainly is finding her personality, so darn sweet!!

  19. Lara, your Charlie & Wilbur project certainly deserved the prize spot! Great stash of fabric for your work too! I look forward to seeing what you post this Friday for the folk art project. Using batiks, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous! Hugs to sweet Eden!

  20. Congrats on a very well deserved win during Pets on Quilts! Those fat quarters are quite lovely. And I'm with you, I love fall and all of the wonderful color changes. The picture with the big ol' puppy smile made me smile :)

  21. Congratulations on your Pets on Quilts win!! Your fabric win is beautiful!
    Well now, Eden is such a doll, trilling away, like a little dove! Next you need to teach her to yodel!
    I can't wait to see your blog post on Friday, in the Folk Art blog hop! I know that whatever you create will be amazing!

  22. Eden's trilling is so cute - gosh how she has grown!! It looks like a neat visit (and delicious) to the Farmers' Market :-) Congratulations on your win - I wonder if you have plans for the lovely fabric?? Thanks for the thumbs up on the bloghop - it looks like a great book!

  23. Those bouquets are so beautiful!

  24. Lovely pictures. Congratulations on winning.
    What a beautiful grandchild. Good for you!

  25. Our grands grow wayyyy faster than our kids don't they!!! Thanks for sharing for Eden's growth with us. She's sooooo sweet!

    1. PS: I enjoyed walking through the Farmer's Market with you (chuckles) Like you...I just love everything about Fall.

  26. Congratulations on the winning, Lara! Eden's trilling is so sweet, already showing talents. Your happy companion certainly was having a lot of fun in the market. I sure did walking along with you, enjoying the colours you captured. The satisfied looks on the boys' faces are fabulous.

    Thank you so much for mentioning the Lego Harry Potter and linking up on Wandering Camera!
    -Soma xx