Tuesday, July 29

Channeling My Inner Hippie - 241 Tote

Channeling My Inner Hippie - 241 Tote
Do you have a bag pattern that you go to over and over again?  This is one of my favorite bag patterns, because it is simple, versatile and fun to make.
Here is the link if you would like to make one of your own: 
Anna Graham 241 Tote Pattern

The main fabric I used reminded me of a sort of sepia toned Peter Max piece.
It seemed to want peace sign fabric inside.  I fooled with the pockets a little to make them different feeling by touch, always a help when a person is groping around the inside of their purse.  

Just for fun, I played with my sewing machine's fancy stitches:

Side Pocket Stitches
This is a bag with a very outgoing "purse-sonality", which sometimes startles me, because I am kind of a shy person.  People seem to like it and I'm often asked where I got it.  That's one of the fun things about sewing bags, isn't it?  You know that you have created something unique.  

Here is one last photo - another recreation of the 241, which I made for my daughter.  It is done up in brown paisley corduroy, a fabric she chose when she was nine years old, for one of her many room decorating schemes.  It's an unusual fabric for a young girl to choose, but we both still love it.    I added a small top flap with a tigereye button-over-snap closure on the outside of this one and shortened the bag length a little. 

241 Tote in Corduroy, with modifications

It looks like a completely different bag, doesn't it?

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  1. Oh nice work, this is right up my street. I like that it is quirky without being too OTT - and it definitely has a character all its own. I would love a bag like this (so far I have chickened out of bag-making).

  2. I just finished one of these for myself, and I love it! Amazing how the fabric can make such a difference! Yours is beautiful!

  3. It is great pattern. I made one but I'm sure I'll make another one day ;-) Yours is cool.

  4. Love it! I've been seeing this bag pattern on other people's blogs but your fabric combination really speaks to me.

  5. What fun versions! I LOVE the 241 Tote. Someday I'll get around to making a second one. :)

  6. Oh what a cute bag! Thanks for the link to the pattern. I will definitely be making one!!

  7. I love your 241 tote bags! I think you might be a "conservative hippie" ... not too "way out!" LOL They are beautiful, and do look so different with the use of different fabrics!! I also love making this bag, as well as many Noodlehead bags!