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Free Puppy Patterns # 1 - Vintage 1940's Embroidery Designs

When our kids were small and we attended open houses at school, I used to draw a puppy a lot like this and leave it in their desks with an "I Love You" note.  I had forgotten about doing that, until this old pattern brought that memory back.  
These pups are from an embroidery transfer pattern which was produced by Superior in the late 1930's / early 1940's and sold through Sears & Roebuck.  They were most likely intended to be used on tea towels, but would be wonderful on any number of items. They are just too darn cute not to share! 

So here is the first installment, out of six.  I still have to take the time to clean up and reproduce the rest:

#1 of 6 Playful Puppy Motifs - Superior Iron-on Transfers

Now, I did a little research to learn how you could use this image to embroider.  Obviously the pattern could be traced onto your fabric.  I never get that exactly right though.  Since you don't have the actual iron-on transfer, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to print the pattern and transfer it to fabric? 
Well there is!  I bet some of you already know this, but there is a product called Transfer-Eze that does the trick. It is a water soluble film that you can print or photocopy patterns onto.  You apply it to your fabric and voila! you're ready to stitch.
So naturally, I wanted to learn more and found the most thorough discussion on Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread blog.  Her website is a treasure trove!

What are some ways you would use these puppy patterns? I bet you have great ideas!

I found the sweetest vintage sewing pattern for a jumper from the late 1970's.  (It's always a bit of a shock to be reminded that I am "vintage"...hah!) For those of you from the UK, when Americans use the word "jumper" we don't mean a knit sweater.  A jumper is what we call a pullover dress with no sleeves.
This jumper below, in the left corner, is what I plan to embroider with one of the pups. i haven't figured out what color or kind of background fabric to use.  The yellow gingham is sure sweet, but then i don't know if the pup would show up very well against a patterned fabric.  If anybody has suggestions about what would work well, I would love to hear them!   

Puppy Jumper - Simplicity 9211


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