Tuesday, July 8

Sam's Woolly Flannel Quilt

It's Sam's turn next to receive a quilt.  He likes dark colors and soft textures, so this was the perfect fabric collection for his quilt. 

Moda Wool & Needle Flannels

He's not into fussy looking things, so he chose a very simple 9 patch block.  

These measurements do not include the seam allowances

Every other block will alternate the positions of the lighter and darker colors.  Sam chose charcoal satin for the binding.  This is the mockup for the couch sized quilt we eventually want to end up with:

Sam's Wooly Flannel Quilt - 71 x 53 inches - 6 inch blocks

I've made a good start on the blocks, but keep having to set the project aside to work on other things. This fabric is wonderful to work with because it is so soft to the touch and has no problems with pilling, even after prewashing.  

The prospect of making my own satin binding has me a little concerned.  If anybody has some tips on the best way to do this, I'd love some advice!

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  1. Looking good!

  2. Love the patterns. Keep at it.

  3. This is going to be awesome.... I can almost feel how warm and soft it is going to be with your pattern diagram!

  4. Hi Lara. did you work out a quick way of cutting and piecing together this quilt? I love the look of it! I bought a pack of moda wool and needle flannel fat eights a few years ago and am looking for inspiration! many thanks. Karen

    1. Hi Karen! I hope you check back here for a reply. Your comment came in with "no-reply" as the address, so I was unable to email a response to you.
      For this quilt, I have only gotten as far as chain piecing the blocks. It's a basic nine patch, only with larger center sections. I'm being careful to press every other block with the seams turned in opposite directions, so that when I sew the rows together, the seams will nest into each other and the seamline will be easier to line up. Here's a great tutorial on piecing a nine patch block, from Connecting Threads: https://www.connectingthreads.com/tutorials/Nine_Patch_Lesson_1_Basic_Piecing_with_Charms__D2.html
      Hope that helps!

    2. hi Lara
      Thank you SO much for coming back to me!! thanks for your advice and putting me on to that great tutorial. I'm not sure how to avoid the "no-reply" but my email address is Karen.lane@workingtitle.co.za. I'm going to make a start on this quilt. I'm in Joburg so we're heading for winter - perfect time to make a wooly quilt! I'm using fat eights and am trying to work out a quick cutting plan without wasting too much. I don't want tiny squares so I thought of making the centre square 6" and the surrounding strips and squares 2.75" (we work in centimetres so I'm converting!) this way, each piece of fabric will feature in two squares. does it sound like I'm on the right track? did you cut your quilt from fat eights?
      many, many thanks
      Love Karen